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June 18, 2010


Judy Stephenson1

This is outrageous. Denying an injured patient a jury trial by their peers. This is akin to sham justice of whistleblowers' cases being adjucated by the DOL Federal judges and not by a jury of their peers. Sham justice as far as I am concerned. The patient will lose every time medically and emotionally. The doctor will be slapped on the wrists and protected by their peers to injure more patients.

Ben Buchwalter

This is a particularly depressing form of "shooting the messenger." It's baffling to me that state health departments are drinking the insurance industry's Kool-Aid and implying that medical malpractice suits are the fault of patients rather than bad doctors. As was written on this blog last week, "If state agencies would do their job and weed out the small number of doctors committing the most malpractice, everyone wins."

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