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February 08, 2008


Tom Foss

I heard this morning that the National Association of Manufacturers is the one group affilated with the now not so secret rewrite by the Administration of the Rules on Family Leave Act. I have not had the chance to review this yet, but heard supportive comments from the President of NAM saying this is "welcome relief from abuses." He noted that many people are just using the act on Friday and Monday.

Now, how can this be? You cannot use the act for one day like that. In other words, I think he lied. And if he lied, why did NPR run it? And if NPR wants to run this lie, unfiltered, why don't they at least get a response? And for my final question, how much do you want to bet that this guy and his cronies were in the room working on the new rules? And now, with this law they are suing to prohibit, won't that fact be subject to a FOIA!

Good luck on your new blogs I look forward to continuing to read it.


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