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July 09, 2008



My 20 year old daughter, my only child, went into a NY hospital, in 2003, to have her aortic valve replaced. The procedure to be used was discussed before surgery and this was the procedure that my daughter signed the consent form for. Instead, for some unknow reason, as we were never told the truth, the surgeon repaired the valve. Three weeks later, the valve burst and my daughter had a heart attack. She was rushed in for emergency aortic valve replacement, but lived for only five days, due to heart damage she suffered, due to the heart attack she had. The attorney we hired informed us what we thought was two months prior to the statute of limitation, that he was not taking the case, because the surgeon had the right to do what he felt was right. We never got reason why we lost our only child, due to a severe medical surgical error. Where is the justice in this. Every day I suffer through this, and not one person would help me, as far as justice, for this severe error that took my only childs life.

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