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December 24, 2008


Carol Tucker,, MA

Don't be so naive and kid yourself or be so quick to assume that nothing remotely resembling such injustices occurs in the "good ol' US of A."

In 2004, Florida lawmakers passed unconstitutional legislation charging court fees to the indigent--the only state in the union to do so--and get away with it completely unscathed and unchecked (uh, checks & balances--remember those?) to this very day.

To make matters worse, during a Special Session in January 2009, the Tallahassee "good ol' boys" are planning on raising already exorbitant court fees, which not only lines their coffers--but deliberately prevents countless injustices perpetrated on millions of Floridians--from ever seeing light of day. (Illinois corruption is no more corrupt than Florida, by no means.)

As if that's not bad enough, Florida Governor Charlie Crist and his "cronies" plan on blatantly stealing the Lawton Chiles Trust Fund which was specifically earmarked for social services, and unless the Federal government intervenes, and I have sent an e-mail to the Justice Dept. requesting investigation, then this state-sanctioned crime will also be be gotten away with--scot-free.

You state, "Chinese judges and lawyers are reportedly placed under tremendous government pressure to prevent such cases from going forward. Many of the parents also said they were subjected to “intimidation and financial inducements” to silence them."

The word "Chinese" could very easily be substituted with "American," and the statement would be just as truthful and valid.

The only difference in America, which makes the injustices that much more unconscionable, is that we have a Constitution that clearly states "all citizens have the right to access the courts without sale, denial, or delay."

China may not have a Constitution that promises this right to its citizens, which only proves that we have ceased to be "a nation of laws," and instead, and sadly, " a nation of men,"--corrupt, greedy, ruthless "men."

So-called "public servants" delete e-mails from citizens without reading them (which I immediately post on MySpace, as well as other websites), as has the Committee on Health, Education, and Labor.

It will be interesting to see if the Criminal Division of the Justice Dept. acknowledges and responds to my e-mail.

I am currently circulating a petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/equaljusticeforall regarding this issue, so I, and the millions of Floridians whose civil and constitutional rights are held hostage, would greatly appreciate your support.

Thank you and Happy Holidays. Peace.

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