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February 12, 2009


Dr. Henry Greenspan

Excellent commentary.

Having seen the devatation caused by our Michigan law, Michigan citizens are in favor of repealing by a 70% majority in polls.

Two years ago, the Michigan House voted 70-39 in favor of repeal, most Dems joined by one-third of Republicans. (A small preemptor majority in the State Senate were able to kill the the bill in committee.)

The following _misrepresentations_ will be aimed at Georgians. They are easy to rebut:

- Only companies that "play by the rules" will be shielded. False. Preemption even covers companies who have committed fraud in the FDA approval process.

- Lawsuits destroy the economy, new drugs development, and the American way. This kind of demonology is familiar. There is no data that backs up any of it. It is pure propaganda.

- FDA preemption, the basis of our law in Michigan, has been condemned by most major editorialists and also by the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, and former Commissioners of the FDA.

Doctors don't easily come to the aid of trial lawyers. When they do, we ought to notice that somthing mighty important is going on.

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