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March 12, 2009



I read part of the study so far and felt their statistics were pretty shoddy. In the key findings document, they state that businesses won over 80% of the time which in itself is not supportive of their claim that arbitration is fair for consumers. Furthermore, they then said consumers won over 50% of the time, and last I looked, that adds up to well over 100%, a math error that would not fly in first grade math class. Then, they brag up the initial cost of arbitration as being cheap, but neglect the additional costs that come after that which can be very high. The whole thing reeks, and I mean REEKS, of shoddy work, inaccuracies, and twisted reasoning. What was their problem? Couldn't afford the super-deluxe version so they opted for the bargain basement study?


Spin, Spin, Spin, that's all we get from the Chamber of Commerce and their members. They never stop attempting to brainwash the public that "tort reform" is necessary, and "greedy trial attorney's" drive up the cost of everything. The truth is that lack of regulation, real penalties, and the ability of consumers to hold their members accountable, we now have a global financial disaster.

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