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March 27, 2009



You should dispense with formality and eliminate a comment box from your blog since you never publish comments.

I needed a laugh today, thanks. It's very funny that you presume entitlement to have your comment published on my blog when you never publish ours. So much for free-wheeling democratic debate! I don't know why you are so afraid of us.

There's a standing opportunity for a CPSIA blog debate (http://bit.ly/11FmQ7) but we haven't found any CPSIA supporters willing to do it. Odd that. This could lead others to surmise the diffidence in your camp to respond to the challenge is only eclipsed by the apparent lack of intellectual rigor with which to a formulate a cogent response. Again, if you're so right, I don't see you'd have anything to fear. But you do fear so I guess that says it all.

Jeff Morse

Interesting article Joe- thanks.

Kathleen- as someone who is always attempting to locate more information about CPSIA- I frankly found your comment confusing and rather snarky. If you have a point of view about CPSIA, or about Joe's comment about the CPSIA I would enjoy reading it.

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