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June 16, 2009


Donna J Blass

I supported Barrack Obama even prior to his first term election in 2008 financially, through phone banking, and most importantly through social media work that helped him win the 2012 election.

When I approached the campaign staff in Chicago, tried to ask questions during telephone town hall meetings for those actively involved in the 2012 campaign, and repeatedly e-mailed the administration through the White House website for help regarding medical malpractice injuries that I suffered, none of my contacts were ever even acknowledged.

The same thing goes for CA Senator Diane Feinstein's office. I think this speaks for itself.

Although there were federal law violations that formerly would have fallen under the purview of the FBI, this agency also completely refused to assist me as it seems they have totally rededicated their energies to national security. I thought that was what the Homeland Security Agency, CIA, and NSA were devoted to? Who is left to assist tax paying American citizens with federal law violations? I have almost totally lost faith and respect for Obama and I am not surprised by this article. I could have anticipated it.

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