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December 11, 2009


Martin Hatlie

Was amused to see this piece. Anyone who has kept up knows that I have completely changed my positions on tort reform since the time I worked for the AMA and was on the Physician Insurers Board. That's what I talked about at the Common Good event. I want more patients compensated, and in fair amounts. Not a fan of the adversary system perpetuated by highly compensated lawyers, though. Takes too long and costs too much to resolve claims. My bottom line: More of the dollars spent need to go to the people injured.

Marty Hatlie

Andy Hoffman

Thanks for letting us know that you are trying to distance yourself from the views of the AMA and the Physician Insurers Board, but we are not sure how advocating wiping out the jury system, as health courts would do, is not "tort reform." We strongly disagree that alternative systems that replace judges and juries with systems largely controlled by the health care industry are ever fair for patients.

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