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December 14, 2009


James Oronoz

With the baby boomer generation aging these crimes against elders are going to become more common. These citizens need to have laws to protect them when they are in such a fragile and defenseless state.

Mike I.

I lost my mother due to an massive dosage of morphine that was "accidentally" given to her almost four years ago in an Orange County nursing facility.The morphine was meant for a hospice patient and my mother had no prescription for it. I watched her suffer for three days before removing her from life support.
The facility has delayed this case, lost information requested, the key employee involved left within two months
with no forwarding info. The law firm for the facility has even added insult to this and requested a list of perscription used by her children for the last five years preceeding the incident.
The California MICRA law is a joke. Initiated in the mid 70's and never updated.

Henderson Neck Injury

Indeed the Californian Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act(MICRA) offers a way to large shield to hide behind, for HCP's and blowing wholes on that is not easy. Regarding the case mentioned above MICRA does not apply to intentional torts.

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