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February 18, 2010


Ohio personal injury lawyer

Another cool post. Looking forward to more of your writings

DoD civilian working for non-profit that supports the troops

I am a civilian who just returned from Bagram Airfield. I am stateside now waiting on an IME to be ordered from CNA (my employers insurance for workman's comp). I got pretty sick there and was hospitalized then medivac'd to Germany bacause the hospital could not run pulmonary tests. My non-profit org that I work for paid for me to fly home.
Result: Bronchitis.
Symptoms there: SOB chest pain and random numbness of my extremities...severe fatigue
Pulmonary Doctor in Germany says I am not to down range and advised I seek more in debth tests and treatment in the states.
I am home now....waiting...waiting on CNA and I have made my own appointments. I am worried I will not go back but will lose my wmployment or be forced to go for alesser paying job; not-to-mention, what the long term adverse health effects I may suffer down the road.
Anyone out there can help? Why is CNA taking so long and if I lose my job, what do I do?
FYI I was in Bagdhad for 11 months prior to transfer to Bagram AF.

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