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April 06, 2010


joe cerisano

Miners life. Outta sight outta mind as far as safety is concerned.

Lucy Benoit

What was the violation this time that caused the horrible explosion? I know they have had violations in the past but what was it this time in particular? How do we know it was the violation of the owners of the mine and not some careless miner or miners fault? I am not saying it is the fault of anyone in particular just saying that until there is an investigation and all the facts are presented THEN we can lay blame on the guilty party, if in fact there is one to blame.

Scott Wiedeback

If you think the inspection system is bad (and it is), check out the worker's comp. system. Someone's going straight to hell for what they've done to the injured worker in WV. When is enough, enough?

VA Gentlewoman

Word is they had a carbon dioxide alarm just before the explosion, so the culprit likely involves ventilation/exhaust in some way.

West Virginia Home Inspector

I agree. They need a better inspection system and therealso had to be a ventilation problem.

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