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June 28, 2010


Jeffrey Dach MD

Fosamax Induced Fractures have a UNIQUE Radiographic Appearance

Joseph M Lane MD reported a unique radiographic pattern of these Fosamax induced fractures. This means these spontaneous mid-femur fractures are pathological fractures induced by the drug, and virtually NEVER happen unless the patient is on FOSAMAX.

The Anatomy Dictates that the Femoral Neck Will Fracture First

Osteoporotic fractures present most commonly as compression fractures of the vertebral bodies, or as femoral neck fractures. Even in cases of severe osteoporosis, the femur never spontaneously fractures at the mid femur level simply because the anatomy dictates that the femoral neck will fracture first. I have known this from personal experience as a radiologist for thirty years reading X-Rays of fracture cases. A spontaneous mid-femur fracture is extremely rare and indicates a pathologic fracture caused by a drug or disease process.

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Jeffrey Dach MD

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