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July 22, 2010


Shirley Sherrod

I've been following the Shirley Sherrod news. It is too bad that the government reacted so fast without investigating the facts. Live and learn I suppose. Vilsack seems like a good man and he'll do better next time.

Jordans 2

I think the basic message of this movie is the power and importance of education.


I like how no one has mentioned on the major cable or news networks about mrs. Sharrod's husband being one of the civil rights leader during the 1960's.I think that is something very important to mention. this family grew up in the south which was a very tough place to live for african american families. in the north or west it was not perfect but living in the south when they were growing up was like taking a step back in time.
It would be nice if Mr and Mrs Sharrod
could be put in a position to really get the dialog going on race relations.Yes this is a teaching moment the door has been opened lets us take advantage before it closes again.

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