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October 26, 2010


Julie Kingsley

My daughter was rearended about 7 years ago on that same area my a bread truck going about 50 miles an hour she was ok. She was 16 and coming home from work. We lived in san jaun capistrano at the time how we live in texas. There was a police report. I hope this will help.


The truck driver WAS on his cell phone, checking messages, he was speeding and didn't brake until he hit the vehicle. He tried changing lanes so he wouldn't have to slow down when he saw the traffic ahead, couldn't change lanes, then it was too late. People don't know the entire story unless they were in the court room listening to ALL of the information.

Darla Crutchfield

Im from Oklahoma and watched the Oprah show yesterday and my heart goes out to this family. How strong you guys are and the blessing from God with the new three little ones. I just tear up watching you guys. Their is a family that lost their three children in a house fire and wanted to know if you could give them words to comfort them. The husband is devastated and the mother is still in critical condition. This is a really hard time for them and if anyone knows what their going through it would be this Yal.

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