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November 23, 2010


Steve Magas

Ohio, I'm sure, is typical. 88 counties. 88 clerks of court. 88 systems for tracking cases at the Common Pleas and Municipal Court level. One county has kept and publishes detailed stats on filings - Montgomery County/Dayton, OH. [ ]
You know what the single highest category of new civil cases filed has been each year since they started keeping the stats?
Med Mal? NOPE
Car Crashes? NOPE...
The answer................FORECLOSURES...
From 1997 - 2010, civil cases are 22.77% of the cases filed - 122,526 of 538,200 cases are "civil"
41.72% of those, or 51,121, are Mortgage Foreclosure. 18.5% are "civil all other" and 13% are "personal injury"
Med mal... farther down the list - with 1.13% - a whopping 1390 cases since 1997.

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