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December 13, 2010


dennis feeleye

As a lawyer who has been doing medical malpractice work for over 30 years I am beginning to wonder the same thing "is anybody listening"?
I have been published a number of times in the local newspapers, have been asked to speak on the topic of medical malpractice reform and have blogged numerously on the topic: www.cohenfeeley.wordpress.com
The medical insurance industry and medical societies just don't care about statistics. It has become a cultural war against lawyers. Whatever non-partisan consumer groups publish is just ignored and discarded.
Keep up the good work Pop Tort

Michelle Massey

I love these articles and thanks to those who hooked me Up! Finally I am reading about the real problems with the malpractice and tort reform in the opposite way!
www.shellybeenz.com I am one of those who lost my 7 year old over stupidity or just not qualified to be in the profession.
It is one of the greatest scams from the Drug and Insurance Industry to point the finger over a sue happy person who just lost their child! Those poeple must not have been in my shoes along with thousands who have. We do know! And I did not get my day in court because of a cap of 250,000 after 3 years we had to close the case because we spent up the cap trying to put on our case. No JUSTICE! No Accountability!
Michelle Massey

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