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January 14, 2011



Me and my college friends have a vague memory of some Conservatives & some Evangelical so-called Christians who were all in a tissy over Harry Potter encouraging little kids to become invloved in the occult and said it would lead to more of dangerous, demonic witchcraft practice. Also, can someone tell me who was it that was screaming about heavy metal music and violent video games after the Columbine shootings & copycat school shootings? Who was protesting the Dixie Chicks remarks about George W Bush? Who pointed out the Columbine shooters appeared to mimic wearing the trench coats from a movie? Who was doing the defending of free speech and vulgarity introduced to the impressionable and causing harm back then?

Who was it screaming out against Rep. Maxine Waters, hollering that her words were inflammatory and instigated the riots, after she commented about that Rodney King beating verdict? Who rushed to Maxine's defense on her freedom of Speech and who said only those 1992 rioters were to blame? Who was it calling for censorship and book bannings on books about on lifestyle & gender choices?

My main issue is that Celebrities in the media have a big sphere of influence. For example: One famous guy wore his pants shagging down to his ass and other kids soon followed the trend. One famous celebrity wore his baseball cap on backwords and now it's the popular trend.
Destiny's Child a beautiful female singing group came out with a song call Bootylicious and now it is in the Oxford dictionary as a new word to describe a great ass. How much money do advertisers pay for a 3 min. TV Ad during the Superbowl? To all famous celebrities, YOU HAVE SOME SPHERE OF INFLUENCE, PLAIN AND SIMPLE Cuz if you didn't you would not be a celebrity with fans hanging on your every word and spending money on the products endorsed on your shows!


Who in the hell is Mark Levine, I honestly have never heard of him. We were watching Fox News by chance when big mouth Sean Hannity said this Mark guy would sue anyone saying he helped caused the Gifford shooting? Is he some kind of shock jock, why would he think someone thinks he is that popular---again, I repeat, I never heard of him, neither has my family. From the sound of what little I just found out about, I would not be the least bit interested in what he has to say anyway!



FYI Mark R Levin is the President of Landmark Legal Foundation and author of several books, among them "Men in Black" and "Liberty and Tyranny." For more info, check out www.marklevinshow.com.

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