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May 02, 2011


Carol Tucker

There's a flip side to this...I'm a middle-aged female with severe acid reflux, hiatal hernia, etc., and women are frequently misdiagnosed and underdiagnosed with heart problems. While I've more than my fair share of doctor gripes over the years, I'd rather an extra test be ordered...my biggest gripe with providers these days is billing Medicare for an office visit and blowing off the patient in five minutes...another tactic is not scheduling a patient for a long-needed surgery, but instead, continuing to throw crummy meds that don't work at the patient (pharmaceutical company kickbacks??), then the patient keeps coming back for office visits--which are then again billed to Medicare--and still the patient's issues aren't resolved.

Another problem is these ridiculous multicare healthcare providers with administrators who don't know "shite" from shinola and aggravate the patient to death with poor communication systems resulting in patient inability to reach their providers.

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