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June 14, 2011


Concerned Citizen

Woman everywhere will benefit from Jamie's brave testimony! Thanks Jamie for hanging in there and standing up to these perpetrators, which include the companies that continue to support these abusers!


The whole concept of mandatory arbitration should not be legal in the first place; it definitely sounds unconstitutional. How is it possible that a company is allowed to take away the right to a fair trial of their employees? Trying to settle a case through private arbitrator hired and appointed by the company under question cannot possibly be consider fair and unbiased.

Our Constitutional rights are clearly under attack by these large corporations that are actively engaging and lobbying our government from the political to the judicial systems. No judicial system in the world can be perfect; but our current trial by jury system at least gives us an opportunity to have a fair outcome. A rigged arbitration system hired and paid for by the company while concealing all information to the public is guaranteed to have a biased outcome and cannot be possibly conceived as been fair.

The outcome of this case does not and should not over shadow a much bigger issue we are facing. That is large corporations like KBR/Haliburton are actively trying to change our legal system and rewrite our Constitution. People need to wake up and prevent such illegal practices.

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