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July 18, 2011


Ben Buchwalter

I had read about this film a few months ago, but didn't know HBO was showing it so soon. Looks like a great doc on a really important subject. And it comes during a pretty great year for legal documentaries, following the mega-documentary Hot Coffee. Thanks for the preview!

Peter Adler

When is it showing again?


It's very sad to see how they are living. You will never think that these companies would put families lifes in danger. My mother passed from cancer and to see her always in pain hurts me, and to just hear this have me all worked up. Trying to understand why no one left, and also realizing that no matter if they did whatever viruses gonna into then will still be in them now that crazy. Dear father, thank you for life and my family, job and the life of those living in northern New jersey that's sick and those who are not. It's hard living when you have a family member passing every moment of your life. My heart goes out to them all. Teary eyes alone with heart aches. :(

crime scene cleanup

Great Video..and great film,..

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