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September 27, 2011


Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy at Vanderbilt

Ideally, we could monitor the physicians before they reach the level of medical malpractice claims. Vanderbilt University has found a way to do just that. Using an evidence-based tiered intervention approach called PARS, the medical center has reduced malpractice risk, increased professionalism, and overall, contributed to a reduction in healthcare costs. If you were the insurance carrier, wouldn't you want the hospital to be using a program like PARS? Read more: http://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/centers/cppa/pars.html

Joseph Haynes

Here in the United States Surgical Doctors demand that their subordinate doctors cover-up for them or feel the retribution from those doctors who have a misguided sense of loyalty to protect their colleagues rather than worry about the health and well-being of their patients. And as in my case, I am on hospice care, fighting every day for my life. As you can see I am not getting any help from anyone here in Indiana and I am asking for your advice as to what I can do or who else I might talk to so I can get fixed please read my story).

I had to have surgery (2007) to remove a prednisone pannus because I had been on high doses of prednisone for more than ten years. The surgery went horribly wrong with several complications because Dr. Cohen would not listen to the other doctors and went on with the surgery anyway. When the stitching came undone I had to have a second surgery (2009). The surgeons who assisted in my surgery let me bleed internally for nine days because Dr. Coleman left the hospital right after the surgery and he could not be reached (one of the surgeons who assisted told me I would have to ride it out until they could get in touch with Dr. Coleman). My hemoglobin was 6.8 after the first surgery. Nine days later, after receiving 14 units of blood and 2 units of plasma, my hemoglobin was 6.6 (hell of a ride!!!). It didn’t seem to matter how much blood they pumped into me, I was losing ground, so on the eighth day the hospital doctor, Dr. Riley Snook, who knew my medical case, only too well, called Dr. Wooden in to do the surgery (washout). Dr. Wooden examined me, a push here, and a poke there, and in just a few minutes he told me I would be in surgery early the next morning. The surgery did not go off as scheduled because Dr. Coleman had to have a surgeon who he could trust to help cover up what they did wrong. I was led to believe that Dr. Wooden did the washout and stopped the bleeders. It was not until a month or so ago that I found out the surgeon that Dr. Coleman trusted was Dr. Flores. Between Dr. Coleman and Dr. Flores, my stomach was forced up into my lungs, collapsing 2/3 of my right lung and 1/3 of my left lung. I have been asking, no, begging to get a surgeon to fix the damage and correct the intestinal problem. Four hospital doctors and three surgeons tried to help me but the Chief surgeon told them not to help me or they would be fired. Dr. Pascuzzi, my neurologist at IU Hospital, told me to go outside of IU Hospital’s control. I went to seven different Surgeons who were qualified to do the surgery I needed. As each one of those Doctors talked to the Chief surgeon at IU Hospital, they would then call me back and cancel my appointment and tell me they did not want to get involved. In all, twenty-two doctors covered up for a few surgeons who think they are privileged and don’t want their superior standing to be damaged beyond repair. Before the first surgery I played golf nearly every day, shot hoops, and made mad passionate love to my wife. I nearly died in the first surgery and they tried even harder to do me in during the second surgery. The surgeons turned a healthy man into an invalid and I am now on Hospice Care and Home Bound. There is a massive cover-up going on because Dr. Coleman, Chief of Plastic Surgery at IU Hospital, doesn’t want anyone to know what horrible mistakes were made on me, and it didn’t have to be that way. The only way I’m going to live through this situation is for the News Media to expose the cover-up that is going on at IU Hospital. The last I heard from Dr. Pascuzzi was that Dr. Coleman’s influences ran deeper than just IU Hospital and he said we would have to start looking out of state. I am a sixty-six year old man and my means are moderate at best, so even if I found a surgeon out of state I would not have the means to travel there. Please help me before it’s too late.
Joseph Haynes Phone: 765-282-7826 E-mail: jtinyhaynes@yahoo.com

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