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November 23, 2011


Rich Newsome

Florida makes Indiana look good. Until last year, we had $100,000 sovereign immunity caps. When the Florida Justice Association (our state consumer justice organization) successfully lobbied the legislature to double the caps in 2010, we felt like we had won a major coup for Floridians consumers. Pretty sad, huh? What's worse is that the U.S. Chamber and other corporate lobby groups are using sovereign immunity down here as a way of continually chipping away at the civil justice system. During the last three legislative sessions in Florida we have seen efforts to expand sovereign immunity to a wide range of private actors including for-profit hospitals, government contractors, and some private professionals who are paid to do work on state projects. And some of this stuff is actually passing. I hate to say it, but whey you look south to Florida, Indiana should be saying a thanksgiving thank-you that they don't have the same draconian sovereign immunity caps we have here in the Sunshine State.

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