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January 09, 2012


Bill Jackson

The issue of "tort reform" generally, and Affidavits of Merit (as they are called in Michigan) specifically, are of real and specific concern for many of us. For my family, we too were victims of a "technical dismissal" because at the time of filing our case we were too poor to procure a "doctor's note" in order to proceed. Our case was dismissed. We appealed. The ruling was affirmed. We appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court. They refused to hear the case. We will, now, be filing out case with the US Supreme court next month.

Other notes: our case was deemed, by the trial judge, to be meritorious. We also filed, for reasons beyond our control, without legal counsel or, as they say, pro se.

We have continued our fight because of the specific injustice that has been served upon us--we continue our fight because we know, as we become aware of others, that has the same injustice served upon them.

I appreciate your story, and I thank you for it.

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