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October 29, 2012



Sandy was technically declassified as a tropical system right before landfall
By the NHC...

Interesting to see how this plays out with hurricane deductables


It's so sad that one never really knows if they are covered until they need the coverage. When one buys Inaurance they are expecting not to pay anything period thats why we buy insurance. It has gotton to the point that we need to have a list of things that the insurance does not cover. Insurance companys give us the false hope that we are in good hands...when in reality their hands are only in our pockets.


I don't know what theirs states, but our deductible in Texas is wind/hail, not specified hurricane. When Ike blew through and wiped out an entire island and entire neighborhoods and small towns, our "hurricane" deductibles weren't waived. Guess we aren't "special". Don't think they were waived for Katrina either. As a matter of fact, I don't recall them ever waiving the deductibles, can you say election year?

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