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November 19, 2012


Robert Pines

What Bogdanich DIDN'T report is what got these veterans killed.
Please remove this...Back to Midland. There seems to be some evidence that the driver of the float truck, owned by oilfield services company Smith Industries, may indeed have crossed the tracks even though even though warning bells were sounding and lights were flashing...

The only evidence is a NTSB talkin' head reading from a script handed to him.

Robert Pines

According to Texas DOT forms/data.


Steep grade --add more time ----
skewed crossing ---add more time ---
extra tracks --add more time ---
interconnection traffic lights ----add more time.
Effective Begin-Date of Record: 01/01/11.
Initiating Agency State.
Crossing No.: 796331L.
In Midland
Street or Road Name: GARFIELD.
Quiet Zone: 24 hour.
Maximum Time Table Speed: 15 mph.
Traffic Light Interconnection/Preemption: Simultaneous Preemption.

So who investigates these NTSB investigators trying to pull the wool over the whole countries eyes saying everything worked as designed which is really jury tampering?

"""we’re still looking into that."""" Anybody do a count of many times this NTSB guy made this statement? The public should be looking at a exit stage left for this government railroad bought outfit.

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