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December 05, 2012


Michelle Massey

This happened to me and my family when a doctor who had 2 previous malpractice cases against him, was called by her pediatrician to rule out septic knee. He said he did the tests (well that is what he told me) that ruled out the bacterial infection that invaded my 7 year old daughters body. Please read www.shellybeenz.com and tell me if this is frivolous or not? On face book Jessie's Law/abolish MICRA.
If you are on board with getting rid of this law then please pass this information on to other parents who love their child and believe that their child is worth more than a capp amount. MICRA is unconstitutional and only hurting the victims more! Keeping bad doctors practicing without any consequences.


Great information.

I have sued a lot of Florida surgeons for failing to recognize a nicked bowel before closing or immediately following surgery. Recently we have found that many of our Miami gallbladder injury cases in Miami incurred during surgeries that were not necessary.

Surgeons love to cut and they don't get paid when surgeries don't happen. Always get a second opinion when possible before any surgery.


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