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April 23, 2015


Bill McPhillips

One of the biggest problems with the VA is a long time ago some moron(s) decided that ex military should design and run the VA system, and now it is over run with "system anaylysts" who are clearly of military indoctrination. And, worst of all they are getting in the way of qualified medical staff. I know of systemic work arounds that violate regs that came down after the Phoenix scandal. However, I won't complain of them because they are work arounds designed to deal with the bullshit military mentality that interferes with the practice of medicine. It is important that all the ex Military in management positions be run out of the VA, and people with real experience in delivering real health care, in large health care systems be brought in to redesign and run the system. It should not be a double dipping haven for incompetents.

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