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February 11, 2016


Byron B. Warnken

See the comments made by the Hospital Association in the Maryland Reporter... http://marylandreporter.com/2016/02/15/debate-continues-over-creating-no-fault-birth-injury-fund/.

I don't believe the people who make these statements actually believe what they're saying.

The largest of the Maryland birth injury jury verdicts was overturned on appeal. It was my firm who lost the appeal. Yet the big jury verdicts rhetoric is still used by the hospitals to sell their position.

The people are sold by these positions because they are easy to understand. Big verdict - somebody must have to pay a lot! What's harder to understand is that we all pay, through higher taxes, for cost shifting measures such as the birth-injury fund. Make no mistake, just like workers' comp, if this ever goes through, the costs will move from wealthy doctors and their even wealthier insurers to the taxpayer. Like comp, it might take a minute, but it will happen.

The injured party is generally not first and foremost on the mind of anyone. http://www.warnkenlaw.com/practice-areas/medical-malpractice/everybody-wins/.

Thanks for keeping this about the one who matters - the catastrophically injured child.

Joanne Doroshow

Please see our written testimony in strong opposition to this terrible proposal: https://centerjd.org/content/testimony-joanne-doroshow-cjd-executive-director-marylands-no-fault-injury-fund-proposal

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