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May 04, 2016


Deirdre Gilbert

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“They Trust Each Other Lies”
This is the BUZZ in the Medical Community

Talk of the Town

The talk of the town about Medical Malpractice as being the third leading cause of death is true, but there are very limited reasons of why that is occurring. Medical Malpractice has been a silent killer for decades and the ones who are being harmed are never thought about in the process. This issue is bigger than medication errors or complications but is really about the greed of medical establishments that have figured out how to create cash flow from harming patients. Seldom is there talk about the truths of these deaths and who is causing it. It is simply not an error when medical facilities and physicians’ cover-up a death because of fear.

System of Silence

Physicians seldom want to discuss or even acknowledge their part in the entire equation. There is a system of SILENCE that does not allow conversation about these deaths and the cover-ups for fear of being sued and losing their livelihoods. Many physicians have stated that they trust each other’s lies and just continue on in the process. There has been a system of manipulation that was well defined and oiled like a machine before many of those who were harmed even knew what hit them. There are protocols set in place of what to do when you hear Code Blue. There are ways to manipulate the records before one can find out what happens. Blame the patient or the family for the death. Just say the patient died of obesity or other underlying conditions, but don't say that the doctor was inebriated, don't say that the doctor left the operating room to view a YouTube video because he/she did not know what they were doing, don't say that the physician had killed before and SILENCE was the word.

Let’s Talk the Truth

If we are going to talk about this subject, let's talk the truth. Let's tell about how many physicians have criminal histories with no background checks, let's talk about the falsifying of medical records, let's talk about medical examiners who cover-up for hospitals to keep them from being sued, let's talk about no oversight and no review of medical errors, let's talk about the many people who have committed suicide because they were harmed or because they could never get the truth about their loved one's death, let's really talk about the SILENCE. Blame the attorneys who sue because they are just trying to make money. NO! The truth again is, SILENCE.....It was done and they did again and no one did a thing about it. They can make millions off of your harm and there is nothing you can do about it, so they do it again until it doesn't matter how many people they harm. This cycle becomes like a drug habit that can’t be broken.

Playing God is not an Option

Physicians are playing God and there are no legal remedies to stop them......Physicians would have you to believe as it has been sensationalized in the media that people just want to sue and that doctors are leaving states by leaps and bounds, but this is about the value being placed on, exaggerated, malpractice costs over that of human life. The real truth is about the public’s right to know if a hospital or doctor being paid for services has a history of malpractice suits and reprimand for reprehensible behavior which violates the vow and/or oath required of their profession. This issue with all of the necessary elements is about the capability of illustrating the need to reform Tort Reform, the Public Information Act, and other legislation and policy that allow medical negligence and other acts of harm and endangerment to go unanswered or only minimally compensated. This is about the millions of stories that will be un-heard only by legislators, hospital administrators, physicians, nurses, and American citizens who have no heart, and without which, are incapable of hearing, but they are not the majority. The majority are average, ordinary, law-abiding citizens who would not dare think of wasting time and energy on frivolous lawsuits, though we are all, as Tort Reform rhetoric implies, presumed to be.

It’s Not in Our Favor

Unfortunately, the majority does not know that the moral cards are not stacked in his or her favor. Should a loved one fall at the hands of a practitioner with a history of malpractice suits and reprimand for reprehensible behavior which violates the vow and/or oath required of their profession or by the practices of a hospital with a history of the same, the chances of attaining justice are nil. The average ordinary citizen, in an emergency situation, is incapable of making an informed decision as to where and to whom he or she should entrust the care of a loved one, because that information is private, protected by the Public Information Act. In the absence of information, life-threatening decisions are left to chance. People should have the right to fight for their lives, and knowledge has always proven to be the most formidable weapon. People have a right to know. People have the right to legal remedies in a court of law. People have the right to the truth and have those who reap havoc on a medical entity and its patients sanctioned and penalized. There are great doctors and there are plenty of BAD APPLES and it is time for change. We must be heard and we must be allowed to have the truth be told. We have been held captive inside of a closed capsule of abuse and these behaviors are dangerous and unacceptable.

The Alert System

Deirdre Gilbert, National Director of National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association and its’ chapter directors says “they are working to alert the public to these truths.” We are petitioning for more accountability and oversight to ensure patient safety. Those of us still reeling from impact of medical negligence and malpractice, trying to regain our footing, came to realize that individually battling such a formidable foe, quietly struggling to climb insurmountable obstacles equates to silence. It ultimately became evident that our silence would not protect us, could not protect us; it is only when we stand up and speak out that this SILENCE would STOP.

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