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July 06, 2016



The neat thing, at least in Florida, is that the insurance companies and employers may pay as much as they like to their lawyers in order to fight awards. On the other hand, the worker is barred from offering to pay more than a fraction of the award, and the atty violates the law if he accepts more.

Some recent cases did the math and found that the atty compensation for the worker was a bit less than $2/hour. These were extreme examples, where the medical treatment fought by the employer was cheap and the employer attys fought hard.

Expect more moaning and groaning in Tallahassee next spring. No, not from the employees. They don't have the funds. Rather, it will be the Associated Industries of Florida, and the Chamber, and other employer organizations, saying how paying $843 for the treatment ultimately ordered is likely to lead them to bankruptcy. The thousands for their atty to fight the $843? That only makes it worse, we need ``worker's comp reform'' now!

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